sarah mclachlan

At the Keystone Reckoning Project, we know that local elections are the foundation for political success. That’s why we are looking for 10 candidates for local offices anywhere in Pennsylvania who really need to win their election this November. We’re calling it our Adopt-A-Candidate program.

It could be because the balance of power of a board rests on this one position, or because the opponent is a right-wing nutjob that has no place in elected office. Whatever the reason, we want to help through a series of social media ads and other messaging materials. 

The only other criteria is that we want to help candidates who REALLY need help, so don’t expect us to choose an incumbent countywide officeholder with a bunch of money in the bank. The purpose of our Adopt-A-Candidate program is to make a difference.

If you know anyone who fits the description, please fill in the form below. We will research all of the submissions and make our selections in plenty of time for Election Day.

And if you want to support the candidates, please make a donation to the Keystone Reckoning PAC now!

Keystone Reckoning Project "Adopt-A-Candidate" Nomination Form

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