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What is the Keystone Reckoning Project?

keystone reckoning
a parallel messaging strategy:

we are not trying to hurt or diminish democrats

Despite disagreements on how Democrats handle their messaging, the Keystone Reckoning Project is NOT trying to undo or minimize the good work being done by thousands of elected officials, party members, or activists. Our intention is to take a different approach to political messaging in the hopes of helping quality candidates win elections.

By virtue of being funded solely by our supporters, we have no allegiances to anything but the truth. In these truly unprecedented times, there is nothing wrong with looking at past performance to fuel future success. If we don’t acknowledge what doesn’t work, we’re just making our job harder. And with the Republicans capable of spending massive amounts of money to fuel false narratives designed to dismantle our democracy, we need to be willing to try anything and everything (within the boundaries of the law) to quite simply kick their asses.


follow the money

It sounds simple, but the best way to learn about politics is to follow the flow of money to campaigns and candidates; the answers are often hidden in plain sight.

The Keystone Reckoning Project will track where the money goes and what happens as a result. This is an essential component of influencing politics and policy, and it’s one we intend to aggressively pursue.

call out hypocrisy

The brazen hypocrisy of today’s Republican Party is almost too much to be believed. The Keystone Reckoning Project will do what it takes to ensure these “leaders” feel the heat for their anti-Democratic words and deeds. 

With so much attention given to party leaders, rank and file lawmakers often skate by without much scrutiny for blindly following the party line. We plan to change that by going right after the mindless sycophants who care more about sucking up to their leadership than doing what’s right by their constituents.

increase public awareness

As the great philosopher G.I. Joe once said, “Knowing is half the battle.” By using innovative messaging tactics, the Keystone Reckoning Project will cut through the political doublespeak and help the public know what they need to know.

Instead of waiting until right before an election, we plan to engage in long-term messaging plans early and often to ensure the public and the press are asking the right questions.

deep dives into legislation

Republicans are masterful at doing one thing and convincing the press and the public that they did something totally different. By examining individual pieces of legislation as well as amendments, we can expose the reality of how our laws are really made (or in many cases, stonewalled by special interests).

support candidates

As a registered Pennsylvania Political Action Committee, the Keystone Reckoning Project can and will support candidates in elections at all levels. We intend to be active in races from local to statewide.

Sometimes candidates can’t say things the that need to be said, which is where we come in. We won’t be afraid to beat the Republicans at their own game when it comes to political gamesmanship, and we will play to win.

spark debate

A key component of the Keystone Reckoning Project is shaping public debate. One of the most effective tactics of Republicans is to shift attention away from their wildly unpopular policies by talking about pure nonsense. We want people talking about the real issues because that’s how we win elections.

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