PA House Speaker Bryan Cutler isn’t running for re-election. The reason why is terrifying.

So despite his hard-right political leanings, the departure of Speaker Bryan Cutler is terrible news for us all. By bullying, harassing, and threatening anyone who stands up for our democratic institutions and the rule of law, these radical, treasonous Trump sycophants are inching closer and closer to putting one of their own into an unparalleled position of legislative power. And when that happens, the price will be higher than anyone could possibly imagine.

State Rep. Dawn Keefer is Pennsylvania’s New Hydroxychloroqueen

Dawn Keefer cares about precisely two things: the support of the hard-right political base and the ability to raise money from political action committees funded by working professionals in various fields. As long as Keefer can do both with zero consequences, she will continue to do so, putting the people she swore to protect in potentially mortal danger.

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